Our aim is to be a dependable good neighbour to any Staines-upon-Thames resident who needs help, particularly older people, who may be unwell, isolated, have special needs or may be dealing with a difficult situation and would benefit from our assistance. 

We aim to provide help to anyone who needs our support, regardless of their age, ethnicity, background, or personal circumstances. We can help with lifts to medical or social appointments, shopping, small odd jobs, form filling and befriending those who are lonely.

We aim to be a trusted local charitable organisation, run entirely by local volunteers. Our helpline is open from 10.00 - 12.00 Monday to Friday with a "real" volunteer taking your call!

What we do

We support the local community by helping residents with lifts to medical or social appointments, shopping, odd jobs in the home or garden, and befriending those who are lonely. 

We hold social events for volunteers, including coffee mornings and tea parties, so they can meet one another and share their volunteering experiences. Some of these events provide a good opportunity for informal training and discussions. We also communicate with volunteers regularly by way of social media. We hold regular committee meetings and publish any minutes and reports 

Mission, vision and values


To be a dependable good neighbour to any resident in need, providing support quickly and informally.


To reach into our community, seeking out people in need, regardless of background or personal circumstances, to connect them with good neighbours, so we can support as many residents as possible in leading fulfilling, independent lives. 


To be a trusted community scheme to provide “organised kindness” with: 

  • Respect - valuing diversity, equality, inclusion, fairness and consideration, and respecting our natural environment

  • Integrity - maintaining strong moral principles and high standards of welfare, including health and safety, always in line with our procedures and policies

  • Teamwork - recognising and valuing the vital contribution of our volunteers and encouraging a culture of working together with support.